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Johannus Dagevos Collector

From childhood on I have collected every thing I liked. As a bicycle repairman’s help I was allowed to have the old carbide lighting when they were replaced by modern electric lighting. That was the start of it.  Later, when I was working in car dealerships and car workshops my collecting activities really started to become more serious I was able to gather many things they threw in the garbage bin or disposed off. Old car brochures, obsolete car parts, copper lamps, nothing was safe for me. At the various dealerships I worked for, I got everything they thought of no value any longer, and that was a lot. At home they became a little tired of my hobby and I had to store it all in the old empty farmhouse in which my grandfather had lived in. This all happened in the period from the fifties until about 1970. Then I was able to buy this old house and after that I could do as I pleased: collecting even more. After I had two more barns built and filled them up with a variety of items, this had to be sufficient. Old cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pocket watches and all kinds of old documentation, even a substantial spark plug collection, and a lot of automobilia.
Even now, I regularly get nice items and they are added to the collection: there’s always some room left.
'A true collector really can’t say: No.'
Contact & mail adress: dayfox@planet.nl